PEOPLE For  Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (PFMPE™)  :  mathematically perfected economy™ (MPE™) is the singular integral solution to 1) inflation and deflation, 2) systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property, and 3) inherent, irreversible multiplication of debt in proportion to a vital circulation, engendering inevitable systemic failure at a finite system lifespan defined by an inevitable, terminal sum of insoluble debt. Mathematically Perfected Economy™ is every prospective debtor's right to issue their promise to pay, free of extrinsic manipulation, adulteration, or exploitation of that promise, or the natural opportunity to make good on it.

MORPHALLAXIS, January 14, 1979.



mike montagne

Friday, November 14, 2008


From our beginnings, we may or may never recognize at least two possible courses to what most of us conceive to be knowledge.

The most obvious and most usually exercised trial of presumed knowledge, no more or little more than memorizes its purported substance. That is, presuming credibility of some ostensible body of truth, it simply takes so much as proven, without affirming proof to an absolute root. The bounds of this disposition therefore uniformly fall short of absolute, known roots.

As in all concepts of knowledge, all of life and all of existence then try the bounds of this scope, telling us constantly and forever that knowledge is more. Even so long as a given, assimilated word is wholly good, and even so long as our registration of it perfectly replicates the original, ostensible truth, those who subscribe to these bounds yet can only hope to utter or apply truth, because they haven't even determined if they "know" it.

Moreover, if this were all that man or other creatures were capable of, there would be no "knowledge," because across this whole pattern, no mechanism exists for recognizing further truth — or therefore even, the first truth.

Thus we can only take truth from others, if, and only if, they in fact possessed and conveyed, exacting, explicit truth; and we cannot even know that, unless we recognize the truth absolutely, across the whole of its certain roots.

What we can know therefore prescribes one model only of conducive behavior, for any genuine proposition is comprised of a proof, which is its very essential expression.

That is, having a mathematic problem to which the answer is "7," means that to convey the truth is never to tell everyone "7," or "8," or "9," which are the very terms by which they will forever know nothing, but instead to say only to those who already understand the incontrovertible rules of application, that the problem is "3 + 4." To the rest who can and will understand, we must also give the rules, or they must extrapolate them without err. Because all who understand, retrace the application of those rules, without exception they agree upon the singular answer; and so the answer need never be said, but at most to promote the course of agreement.

The answer is not the understanding; it is the product of understanding — and is never to be confused as anything more. But the prescribed behavior indeed always engenders agreement, prescribed by adherence to the simple rules of so called "knowledge."

The first principle of "knowledge" then is that it is not even possible for us to know anything with less than absolute proof, because the very assumption of the opposed behavior is actually to recognize nothing. So, in the routine practice of the first-said, primitive, flawed idea, we customarily retain what not only may be nothing, but what in fact is regularly contrary to the principles of attainment, because attainment, like understanding, "may" require clear, unerring recognition of every bearing factor.

Ultimately, because recognition is indispensible to all dependence upon the whole, relevant truth, anything less disposes us to failure, so much as the possibility that even the most minute flaw anywhere, precludes solution. Most certainly of all then, we can never rule out that predisposition to failure without absolute recognition, because because unless we know otherwise, any imperfection in our perception of relevant truth can be so potent as to prove the undoing of human intention.

As we compose our perceptions (as opposed to opinions), what we are concerned with, if we are to succeed, is not to arrive at a mere opinion, but to refine our understanding into veritable engineering. Principles are the building blocks of engineering; and, as we say, real (true, incontrovertible) principles are only abandoned; they cannot be compromised, because that is to destroy the principle itself. This idea is key to wielding the issues before us in a way in which we will succeed.

Where then do we get confused in reacting to all the alternate opinions which are proposed?

The first thing to do is to question whether they observe the vital principles. After all, if an alternate proposition observes principles which ascertain a fact of singular solution, then there would be no alternate proposition — the observation arrives yet again, by whatever route, at the singular possible solution.

So, we ourselves become confused when, to whatever least degree even, we leave the principle. I say this only because if I were not here, that's how we would find our way.


"To find the players in all the corruption of the world, 'Follow the money.' To find the captains of world corruption, follow the money all the way."

mike montagne — founder, PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™, author/engineer of mathematically perfected economy™ (1979)

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While 12,000 homes a day continue to go into foreclosure, mathematically perfected economy™ would re-finance a $100,000 home with a hundred-year lifespan at the overall rate of $1,000 per year or $83.33 per month. Without costing us anything, we would immediately become as much as 12 times as liquid on present revenue. Transitioning to MPE™ would apply all payments already made against existent debt toward principal. Many of us would be debt free. There would be no housing crisis, no credit crisis. Unlimited funding would immediately be available to sustain all the industry we are capable of.

There is no other solution. Regulation can only temper an inherently terminal process.

If you are not promoting mathematically perfected economy™, then you condemn us to monetary failure.

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