mathematically perfected economy™ (MPE™)    1  :   the singular integral solution of  1) inflation and deflation,  2) systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property, and  3) inherent, artificial multiplication of debt into terminal systemic failure;    2  :  every prospective debtor's right to issue legitimate promises to pay, free of extrinsic manipulation, adulteration, or exploitation of those promises, or the natural opportunity to make good on them;    3  :  our right to certify, to enforce, and to monetize industry and commerce by this one sustaining and truly economic process.

MORPHALLAXIS, January 14, 1979.

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The first of these proofs identifies a cause of inevitable “financial” failure on a world wide scale, with the failure being avertible only by solution of a process which inherently and irreversibly multiplies debt in proportion to vital circulations.

Essentially, this proof thus recognizes how monetary systems subject to interest are obligated to maintain vital circulations comprised of principal, and perpetually deflated by servicing obligations comprised of principal and interest. The vital circulations of such systems therefore are ultimately sustained only by perpetually re-borrowing principal and interest as subsequent sums of debt ??with this process perpetually and irreversibly increasing the sum of debt so much as periodic interest.

So long as a vital circulation is necessarily maintained in this way, the process is irreversible; the rate of accumulation itself escalates at an inherently increasing rate of ever greater sums of periodic interest on an ever greater sum of debt; and all the while, ever more of the circulation is dedicated to servicing debt ??driving up the cost of all subject production and leaving ever less of the circulation to sustain whatever surviving industry is obligated to the escalating sum of debt.

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Monday, November 3, 2008, 4:00 PM

Just days before “markets” approved further interest rate reductions by the private Federal Reserve, an MSNBC newscast largely blamed Alan Greenspan for the present credit crisis. The report blames Mr. Greenspan 1)?for his support of deregulation; and 2)?for suppressing interest rates for too long.

As chairman of this privatized system of exploitation, Mr. Greenspan’s direction of the exploitation certainly may be guilty of leading us into a terminal failure ??but if, and only if, within practical bounds, we can prove that the privatized system of multiplying exploitation is in fact sustainable.

For what then is he really guilty?

  1. If it can truly be said that he is guilty for supporting deregulation, it must be demonstrable that the abandoned forms of regulation would have averted the present crisis.

    But the very nature of the imposed currency inherently and irreversibly multiplies debt in proportion to the obligated circulation, because the irregularities of the currency force us to maintain a vital circulation by re-borrowing principal and interest as subsequent sums of debt. This of course perpetually increases the sum of debt so much as periodic interest, until the costs of servicing the ever escalating sum of debt are terminal.


    1. no form of regulation short of rectifying the nature of the currency would avert the present crisis; and,

    2. if any form of regulation would have forestalled the present crisis, that regulation would have to exercise the lower rates of interest for which Mr. Greenspan is said to be guilty, for only lower rates of interest moderate the rate at which debt is multiplied into terminal debt.

  2. He cannot be guilty either then for suppressing interest rates, because lower interest rates extend the maximum possible lifespan of any purported “economy” subject to interest.

Thus in why he did not defend himself with these arguments rests the facts of guilt, for the whole while of chairing a process which can only faster or slower multiply debt into terminal debt, the only thing for a board of “directors” to see is that they are generating ever more terminal, insoluble sums of debt. Moreover, they have nowhere but interest to look for the cause of that multiplication, because interest is the only process attached to a currency which has obviously been imposed for this purpose.

So they know this: they know that so long as the interest they intend to impose upon us perpetually multiplies profit as it is intended, debt will multiply in proportion to the obligated circulation, for this ever escalating sum of debt is the very means by which they intend to take ever escalating unearned profit.

Why then did Greenspan pretend to take blame, when, unless the so called “Federal” “Reserve” eradicated interest, then no matter how fast or more moderately Greenspan (or anyone before or since) multiplied debt, our present, terminal circumstances nonetheless were inevitable?

Shame on you, for not knowing the answer to that question:

The whole purpose of the system is multiplying exploitation by the vehicle of “interest” ??even if any rate of interest inherently and inevitably generates terminal sums of debt.

What Greenspan and the MSNBC talking heads are altogether to blame for then, is placing the blame in a false place, so that you might not perceive the terminal nature of their system.

Mr. Greenspan, if you remember, could not hold interest rates above the points he did, for his suppression of the rates all that while was to extend the lifespan of the pretended economy.


In the final stages of the finite lifespan of any purported economy subject to interest, reducing the rates of interest (perpetually) extends the lifespan (temporarily) by making it affordable to replenish the circulation (by, necessarily, re-borrowing further principal and interest, which results in a yet greater, otherwise less affordable sum of debt).

If the talking heads had their way with interest regulation, we would have collapsed long ago.

If they have their way with perpetuation of the system… well, we’re already spiraling out of control, with the only hope of substantial extension being impossible, because we have reached the limits of what debt we can afford to service.

This is the very failure which our computer models projected long ago; and it is the very failure which you can avert, and which you can avert immediately, only by adopting mathematically perfected economy?.

Today, because interest is the cause of failure, what do we have?

We have other countries following suit:


“To find the players in all the corruption of the world, ‘Follow the money.’ To find the captains of world corruption, follow the money all the way.”

mike montagne ??founder, PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy?, author/engineer of mathematically perfected economy? (1979)

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mike montagne — PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™.

"To find the players in all the corruption of the world, 'Follow the money.' To find the captains of world corruption, follow the money all the way."

mike montagne — PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™

While 12,000 homes a day continue to go into foreclosure, mathematically perfected economy™ would re-finance a $100,000 home with a hundred-year lifespan at the overall rate of $1,000 per year or $83.33 per month. Without costing us anything, we would immediately become as much as 12 times as liquid on present revenue. Transitioning to MPE™ would apply all payments already made against existent debt toward principal. Many of us would be debt free. There would be no housing crisis, no credit crisis. Unlimited funding would immediately be available to sustain all the industry we are capable of.

There is no other solution. Regulation can only temper an inherently terminal process.

If you are not promoting mathematically perfected economy™, then you condemn us to monetary failure.

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