mathematically perfected economy™ (MPE™)    1  :   the singular integral solution of  1) inflation and deflation,  2) systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property, and  3) inherent, artificial multiplication of debt into terminal systemic failure;    2  :  every prospective debtor's right to issue legitimate promises to pay, free of extrinsic manipulation, adulteration, or exploitation of those promises, or the natural opportunity to make good on them;    3  :  our right to certify, to enforce, and to monetize industry and commerce by this one sustaining and truly economic process.

MORPHALLAXIS, January 14, 1979.

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What should concern us is who stands in the way of solution, and why.

mike montagne


This article responds to comments advocating socialism at the Information Clearing House article, “What is to be Done? The End of the Washington Consensus,” co-authored by Dennis Kucinich chief economic adviser, Michael Hudson, together with professor Jeffrey Sommers of Raritan Valley College, NJ.

You know, you have to be suspicious when anyone who identifies neither the subverted form of present capitalism, the cause of its fall, or the solution of the present improprieties, advocates socialism as the solution, without even prescribing just how that would be.

What we have here is a subversion and eradication of free enterprise. That doesn’t disprove real free enterprise, which we in fact are denied; and socialism likewise denies me the freedom to engage in the industry and style of my choice.

While so called socialism may have succeeded in restoring to the people together, property taken by exploitation or plutocracy, neither does socialism have any structure to sustain free enterprise.

If you don’t believe in free enterprise, *for yourself*, that’s your business. But when you believe in denying it *to me*, that’s an offense against me.

As I said, we do not have free enterprise. We have what the founders called broadly, “involuntary servitude,” and particularly, the form of involuntary servitude is imposed by way of a currency which can only multiply debt, as a vehicle for ever escalating exploitation.

The issue therefore is to eradicate the involuntary servitude and other means of exploitation. As my earlier post states, the principal and terminal issue is the unassented and unlawful form of the currency.

So that’s pretty simple. But it’s a far cry from circumstances which could ever be rectified by socialism ??particularly at the cost of true free enterprise.

Now, if you want on the other hand to offer cooperative industry or services such as “insurance,” nothing in mathematically perfected economy prevents you from doing so. Still of course, you’re doing so only as a matter of free choice; and if you succeed, you will succeed by equaling or exceeding what other free enterprise may deliver by whatever organization they choose.

Even socialism requires a monetary system; and if the monetary system is flawed, you suffer the consequences. But you don’t gain anything or provide anything by forcing your system of organization on others. Seek to impose your organization on me, and, like the present unassented monetary systems of the world, you make yourself the enemy of anyone who wants and deserves to do otherwise. If your advocated organization is indeed better, there is no legitimate reason to impose your experiment on the rest of us, who may know better ??and particularly, who may well know better how to solve the real problems before us, versus giving us the mere slogans of other enemies of real freedom.

Visit http://www.change.gov/page/s/yourvision to pressure the Obama Transition Team to adopt mathematically perfected economy?. I’m aware the president-elect is hiring all the wrong people; but the fact you demanded representation when you could draws the line between the bad guys ??and the rest. Make sure you mention mathematically perfected economy? explicitly (maybe even providing a link to these pages), or your appeal may be lost in the ever escalating number of late comers who pretend to advocate a solution which existed long before them.


“To find the players in all the corruption of the world, ‘Follow the money.’ To find the captains of world corruption, follow the money all the way.”

mike montagne ??founder, PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy?, author/engineer of mathematically perfected economy? (1979)

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mike montagne — PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™.

"To find the players in all the corruption of the world, 'Follow the money.' To find the captains of world corruption, follow the money all the way."

mike montagne — PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™

While 12,000 homes a day continue to go into foreclosure, mathematically perfected economy™ would re-finance a $100,000 home with a hundred-year lifespan at the overall rate of $1,000 per year or $83.33 per month. Without costing us anything, we would immediately become as much as 12 times as liquid on present revenue. Transitioning to MPE™ would apply all payments already made against existent debt toward principal. Many of us would be debt free. There would be no housing crisis, no credit crisis. Unlimited funding would immediately be available to sustain all the industry we are capable of.

There is no other solution. Regulation can only temper an inherently terminal process.

If you are not promoting mathematically perfected economy™, then you condemn us to monetary failure.

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